Keto Diet vs Paleo Diet! Which One is Your Best Bet?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you probably heard of both Paleo and keto diet respectively. But, if you are a regular user, in search of the perfect diet, to help you lose those pounds. Then you might be confused, which of these two diets to choose!

Should you follow a ketogenic meal chart? Or will following a Paleo diet work better in your favor?

Well, to help you understand better, here is breaking down Keto and Paleo diet for you. Today you will be educated on the following topics:

  1. Overview of keto and Paleo diet.
  2. Their similarities
  3. The differences between the two diets
  4. Which one is better for weight loss?
  5. Overview of cbdpure review. How can this help you lose weight?

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the overview of keto and Paleo diet!


ketosis diet (keto diet)!

A ketogenic meal chart was previously used for disease containment. But, today along with taming diseases, ketogenic diets are gaining popularity on a global basis for weight-loss.

The basic principle of this diet is the meal plans use very less carbohydrates. Basically, this diet works by affecting the body’s metabolic rate which burns fat instead of glucose. This is why even today keto diet charts are used for restraining cancer cells. Something else which also restrains cancer cells is CBD. HerbMighty published a best cbd oil Buyer’s Guide recently which we recommend you check out.

Cancer cells multiply when they feed off excess sugar in the body. Now, carbohydrates break down into glucose and sugar. But since ketogenic meals are devoid of carbs, the body breaks down fat instead of glucose. This not only aids in weight loss, but it starves cancer cells thus, eliminating them. Now, when the body doesn’t get extra carbs, it releases ketones which help to break down stored fat. This process is called ketosis weight loss.

Initially recorded by the Massai tribes and Eskimos, this phenomenon occurred as a result of them surviving in harsh climatic conditions without consuming carbs.

It was proven how the body used stored fat and also aided in their weight loss. Presently, many fitness gurus recommend keto diet to their disciples who suffer from obesity.

Paleo diet!

Often referred to as the prehistoric diet, the Paleo diet mimics the eating pattern of primaeval men. Mainly consisting of whole foods or unprocessed food, this diet is very popular among the Cross-Fit community.

Foods like grass-fed beef, whole grains, vegetables and fruits constitute a Paleo diet. Additionally, an ideal Paleo meal chart comprises of a diet consisting 35% fat, 35%carbohydrate and 30% protein, and macronutrient balance.

Much like how the caveman ate, capturing fresh game devoid of any processing, the Paleo diet believes in eliminating refined carbs, sugar, salt and dairy to an extent for boosting overall health.

Moving on, check out these similarities between a ketogenic diet and Paleo diet!


  • Neither keto nor Paleo diets restrict the intake of dietary fat.
  • Both diets are against processed vegetable oils refined carbs, sugars and legumes
  • Ketogenic diet and Paleo diet both put stress on deriving protein form animal food.
  • Both these diets promote the consumption of whole natural

Keto vs Paleo die! A comparison!

  1. What is the purpose?

The main purpose of the keto diet is to push the body to ketosis. So, to achieve this purpose, this diet promotes consuming a low carb, moderate protein foods, which can stimulate the release of ketones in the blood, for breaking fat.

So, not only for facilitating ketosis weight loss, but this diet is also used to curb down cancer, epilepsy and Type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, the Paleo diet promotes the consumption of berries, nuts, meat and fruits which can quicklybe gathered. Following the concept of pre-historic men who ate what they found. This diet is mainly chosen for promoting the overall health of an individual, by consuming foods directly derived from Mother Nature.

  1. Role of Carbohydrates

The Paleo diet, unlike the ketosis diet, encourages consuming low to medium carbohydrates. It uses vegetables like sweet potatoes, root veggies because these are free of toxins and have valuable nutrient content which promotes gut health.

In contrast, the ketogenic meal plan restricts the consumption of carbohydrates, as its primary focus is maintaining a low insulin level and promoting ketosis.

  1. Usage of Protein!

The Paleo diet focuses more on protein intake, both animal and plant-based. While both the diets usually gain protein from the same sources like meat, eggs, nuts and fish. Paleo stresses on plant-based proteins from legumes, peanuts, lentils and beans.

The keto diet on that note uses a moderate amount of protein and focuses more on whole foods and advises not to consume more than 50 grams of protein a day, as excess protein can break down into glucose which prevents ketosis.

  1. Fat content!

The keto diet uses high levels of fat in the form of organic cooking oils, dairy products, cream cheese, hard cheese etc. Additionally, it promotes the consumption of red meats which is grass fed and also eggs and beacon.

The Paleo diet, however, does not use dairy products and only use butter if grass-fed cattle produce it. Most of the fat is derived from plants like avocado, coconut, olives, nuts etc. They also use seafood and raw dairy for meeting a body’s regular fat intake.

  1. Weight loss

If shredding the pounds is your main aim then it’s better to opt forketosis weight loss diets. While Paleo diet encourages the consumption of whole foods, it is much slower thanKeto.

However, it does not restrict the body from consuming small amounts of carbs. However, ketosis diet not only promotes quick weight loss, but studies also claim it has the following benefits too:

  • Lowers high blood-pressure preventing chances of heart attack
  • Stabilizes blood sugarlevels in the body
  • Promoting the production of healthy cholesterol which boosts heart health
  • Potentially prevent cancer cells from spreading

In conclusion, both the keto diet and the Paleo benefit the body in their own way. The keto, however, wins because it promotes better sleep, keeps the body energised, and helps in building focus as reported by surveys.

Thus, depending on your requirement choose the diet which will suit your body best. Make an appointment with your trusted dietician and take his/her guidance before choosing your diet plan. Good luck!