Make a Nice Headboard Wall Mount

Jul 25th
Woven Headboard Wall Mount
Woven Headboard Wall Mount

Headboard wall mount – For the instruction, starting with measure the width and height of the headboard. Add about 2 inches to the width of the bed and cut two lengths of 2-by -2 timbers for this measurement. Cut additional two lengths of 2-by-2 timber to the desired height of the headboard. Trim the ends of all four pieces of timber to inward sloping angles of 45 degrees. Secure the ends together with two 2 – inch screws driven through each angled corner joint.

Load a foam sheet onto your work surface and place the frame on top. Draw plate wrap over one side of the frame. Fasten it with a staple in the middle. Do the same on the opposite side of the frame and then on the two remaining sides. Continue pulling the plaque over the sides, alternating sides. Use hospital corners on each corner for nicely finished attachment of plate wrap. Trim excess from the back with a scissors. Set fabric to the headboard wall mount with the right side of the fabric facing downwards. Place the frame and wicker on the top with the wicker cover facing down on the back of the fabric.

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Attach the fabric in the same way as plate. Mark a line on the wall at the desired height the head yard to hang. Mark the position of the buttons along this line. Cut a length of 2-by-2 logs about 5 inches shorter than the width of the headboard and place it in line. Secure the bracket to the wall with screws driven through each stud point. Hang the headboard wall mount over the clamp on the wall. Attach the headboard to the clamp with screws driven through the top of the frame for the headboard, on the back, in the wall clamp.

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